Foam - Adhesive Border Pads

Foam - Adhesive Border Pads

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fgh fgh fgh - SKU: SNS72302 Simpurity Foam wound dressings are composed of a soft and a highly absorbent polyurethane foam pad to absorb wound drainage and a transparent adhesive border to hold the dressing in place. This island foam dressing helps maintain a moist environment, which accelerates wound healing. It is especially suitable for moderate to highly exuding wounds.The white side of the foam dressing with the adhesive is applied to the wound. The clear colored film border of the dressing contains a moisture permeable layer designed to protect against exudate strike-through while acting as a protective barrier to outside wound contaminants. Simpurity Foam dressings adhesive bordered construction helps to assure that the dressing will stay in place and is easily removed from the skin surface surrounding the wound

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