Pediatric Belly Bands
Pediatric Belly Bands

Pediatric Belly Bands

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  • Easy to be worn, adjusted and taken off
  • Anti-roll functionality
  • Provides the vital support when it is required or for long periods of time with ultimate comfort
  • 2-way stretch material allows continued activity while supporting the abdominal area or hernia
  • Made of polyester and elastine which creates the 2-way stretch fabric and makes it breathable
  • Provides ultimate comfort for the wearer and no ‘digging in’
  • Unique ‘glove design’ allows a very easy action of putting on, adjusting and removing of our belts
  • Comes in Beige 
  • 3 or 4 inch depth XS-XL

 Covers Gastrostomy tubes or Ostomy pouches
 Conforms to fi t the body for comfortable wear
 Positions easily with velcro


 Secures catheters/night bag tubing to leg
 Applies easily for comfort and confidence

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